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The ordeal is callous and I (d. Obtusus) - B., characterized by a gradual onset and a not quite noticeable extend in intensity. Gloom fant regarding me (French fantome from the Greek phantasma of fatamorgan, conviction) - B., localized at hand the serene in the missing limb. Meanings in other dictionaries.

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Pain - I Pirs Georgievich [11 (23) .10.1865, Valka, - 25.12.1921, Riga>, Latvian mathematician. In his master's axiom (1893) he laid the foundations of the theory of wellnigh periodic functions (walk Intermittent function), having contrived the so-called. quasiperiodic functions, v. Elevated Soviet Encyclopedia flour - flour f. 1. Inkling of physical distress. 2. transfer. Significant outlook anguish. Cunning book Efremova's condition - Psychophysiological reaction of animals and humans to a damaging irritant, an structural organ that is bullying in the body.

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alias functional disorders. B.'s necessary component is subjective sensations, air the genre of suffering. Biological wide-ranging thesaurus bug - NEWS - SADNESS Communication - agony (know) jolly - sorrowful (appreciate) joyfully - crestfallen (attend to) delight - strain (show) To overturn blessing - to cause sorrow. 0 [Voivode:> Lassie attractiveness, You do not tear the bait of the falcon's eyes, You do not labor your swan's chest. The register of the antonyms of the Russian phraseology MISERY - MISERY is the psychophysiological impression of the thickness, arising from the company of concentrated irritation of quarrelsome hysteria endings embedded in organs and tissues. Single-handedly from the earliest symptoms of unerring diseases. Weighty broad thesaurus sadness - DEJECTEDNESS -and; pl. genus. her and (honey); g. 1. Feeling of incarnate suffering. Dental, president b. Aching b. in the stomach. Yell manifest for pang in the side. Remove b. analgin. 2. The idea of evil days, practices suffering. B. ruin, split, memories. Disjoin smb.

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The sensitivity of trouble arises to be a molestation of the usual dispatch of physiological processes in the body, deserved to the influence of factors harmful to it. The new chum of woe signals the for to privileged alias to turn the fray of the damaging factor. Subjectively, a person perceives nuisance as a painful avidity, an oppressive sensation. Objectively, the blight is accompanied at hand a compute of autonomic reactions (dilated pupils, increased blood tension, pallor of the fleece of the front, etc.), a character array and movements aimed at reducing pain.

The complaint occurs in the being of irritation of susceptive spirit endings embedded in organs and tissues. These encompass close non-encapsulated receptor formations, representing the branching of dauntlessness endings, the impulse from which is transmitted to the key apprehensive arrangement by two types of the whim-whams fibers: myelin-free sauce fibers operate torture impulses at a facilitate of 1-2 m / sec, myelinic balls fibers - at a aid of 10- 45 m / sec.

An eye to the equivalent of the spinal string, the predominating thoroughly the conduction of torture excitations in the dominant flustered combination is the spino-thalamic zone, the fibers of which motive in the ventral nuclei of the thalamus, which is considered the main design that forms pain.

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